The Locaton Corporation - South Africa

The Location Corporation, established in the year 2000, deliberately maintains a small portfolio, offering unique and totally exclusive top of the range homes from modern, mansions, beach houses, villas, wine estates, farms, gardens, office and commercial spaces etc.

We maintain close personal ties with Cape Town's top production companies. Added at the bottom of our information please find a list of all the production companies producing stills and or film that have been loyal and wonderful clients to work with.

Our service focuses on Stills and Film Photography for overseas magazines and catalogues, advertising, haute couture fashion, advertorials and editorials, produced in South Africa.

The Location Corporation provides an additional accommodation service: We offer an exclusive portfolio of the most stylish, self-catering accommodation in South Africa for our clients where elegance and luxurious comfort are the key elements. Our properties are meticulously selected in accordance with the particular needs of production crews.

We have a very exclusive portfolio, of South Africa's top Game Reserves and Safari Lodges, personally selected and visited to ensure the perfect breakaway. We have put together amazing packages chosen to fit specific briefs of all individual executive travelers.

The Location Corporation team truly enjoys what we do and have fantastic long standing relationships with our production clients that have been coming to South Africa for the past 16 years.

The TLC team enjoys the industry and above all working with people from all walks of life.

Antoinette has a personal love for architecture and interior design hence us doing what we do and keeping an exclusive portfolio, scouted personally by us.

Antoinette works closely with a variety of architects in developing plans for clients wanting to enhance their personal spaces, which in turn is used in the film and stills industry to generate lucrative revenue and add extra facets to their daily lives.

The Location Corporation has seen the movement of many property owners and developers focusing their architectural design lending itself towards the film and still industry requirements. We at TLC love the involvement of seeing a home having a small or huge face lift and being changed into a wonderful living space and light box for photographers, that can't be resisted.

Advertising is apart of our daily lives and being part of it is a wonderful experience and a good conversation piece. Working in the industry is more than a full time job, no public holidays, or weekends. Our clients are workaholics and need what they need when they need it and the TLC team is proud to always be able to t fit a brief at any time of the day or night and work together to ensure a FRIENDLY and professional service. Our industry is very demanding and at the end of the day we believe in having a friendly and understanding attitude towards our clients and all their staff which makes the stress and fast pace easier for all.

Our first priority in our business is looking after the interests of our home owners who we understand have given us the opportunity to use their personal spaces to offer versatility to the film and stills industry. However, we still have their individual rules and regulations so as not to impact dramatically on their daily lives. We have fantastic relationships with all our property owners and always put their needs and properties first!

South Africa has truly changed into one of the best destinations for the international film/stills industry to bring their business to and has definitely made for a fantastic opportunity that many industries and individuals have benefitted from.

The TLC team is very honored to be apart of a successful and growing industry.

The Location Corporation is branching out and working alongside some of SA's top travel destinations to offer our clients in the industry some of the most breathtaking, unbelievable, executive, exclusive Safari Game Reserves in our country that we know will definitely not be found anywhere else in the world.

Nothing like hearing a lion roar to make your heart pump faster and feel the true African spirit!