The Locaton Corporation - South Africa

The spectacularly beautiful city of Cape Town, in Southern Africa, is home to Flatrock Suites. Here, just off Long Street, you'll find this unique combination of luxury apartments... serviced in hotel style.

Flatrock Suites provides you with the privacy and independence of apartmentliving combined with many of the services that you would expect from a top-class hotel including changes of linen, daily service, concierge, reception and more.

Each suite comfortably furnished, fully equipped but so much more spacious and comfortable than a hotel room would be. All of which combines to make excellent budgeting sense.

The location, at the top end of the town, was chosen specifically because it has one of the most sought after views in the world... a close-up of the breathtaking Table Mountain.

In fact, Flatrock Suites takes its name from the well-known walk up Table Mountain which is via Platteklip Gorge. Platteklip, in the local language of Afrikaans, means flat rock and refers to the flat-topped mountain that is known and loved the world over. You can see Platteklip Gorge with the naked eye from your balcony or window.

Stay at Flatrock Suites and youll be assured of enjoying all the very best that Cape Town has to offer - bustling busy city life, exotic white sandy beaches all within easy access of your own beautiful, secure and comfortable home.

If you want some sand, sea and sun it's waiting for you just over the Nek 10 minutes drive away. There on the Atlantic coast you'll find youre spoilt for choice with the world-famous Clifton beaches, the superb white stretch of Camps Bay beach and cosy Glen beach surrounded by huge, imposing rocks.

Cape Town has it all. From restaurants and cafes, to cigar bars and coffee houses. From fascinating bookshops, to antique markets and intriguing speciality shops. From the buzz of the city to the tranquility of the Turkish Baths... you'll find it on your doorstep at Flatrock Suites.