Tsala Treetop Lodge

The Locaton Corporation - South Africa

Set amidst the treetops of an age-old indigenous forest, Tsala is a lavish celebration of the spirit of Africa.

Emulating the monumental ruins of an ancient central African civilisation, the impressive stone-masonry entrance flanked by water features leads into a magnificent foyer supported by polished Blackwood columns.

The afro-baroque dcor with its earthy colours, rich textures and handcrafted fittings draws inspiration from the diverse cultures of Africa, yet remains integrated with the sophistication of the Western world. Whether from the exotically appointed dining room, the intimate glassed-in lounge, or the large open decks high above the forest floor, the views are all breathtakingly beautiful, encompassing lush forests extending across rolling valleys towards distant hills.

Tsala effortlessly achieves the perfect balance between nature and voluptuous luxury - tucked into the forest canopy.

The Legend of Tsala:
The people of the north were hungry and thirsty as the great deserts were dry and arid, and dust rose in clouds to hide the sun as the animals migrated. Scribes wrote of the wonderful land of forests, rivers and the sea with snow white beaches and the magnificent purple mountains; where rains fell gently and the air was warm.

The beautiful people decided to move to the land of promise - all those of great wisdom, those skilled in woodwork, metalwork, stonework and pottery, weaving, hunting and many other skills. They reached the coast of Paradise, and found it as the scribes had predicted.
STONE was discovered and wood and water in abundance, they built their villages with the stone from the boulders at Robberg above the sea and with timber from the forests. Elephants were brought from the plains and trained to move the great logs of the towering forest giants. The women set to work weaving silk from the worms that fed on the leaves of the forest trees, gold was found in the stream beds and wrought into beautiful adornments, iron was smelte