Terms & Conditions

The Locaton Corporation - South Africa

Terms & Conditions Applied When Booking a House:

  1. All Production Companies are required to produce proof of insurance cover for both public liability and general cover. Independent teams will be charged a daily insurance fee.

  2. A normal shooting day for stills is 10 hours for a full day and 5 hours for a half day. Film is a 12 hour shooting day, 6 hours for half day. A reasonable grace period will be allowed for packing up etc. However should this be abused, overtime will be charged at 10% of the full fee per hour. Please make all clients aware of this clause.

  3. Stills shoots constitute no more than 12 people on set. No trucks, catering tables or more than 2 vehicles.

  4. Cancellation of confirmed booking must provide for a minimum period of at least the length of the entire booking ' e.g. a 2 day booking must be cancelled 48 hours in advance. Should a booking be cancelled with less than the prescribed notice, a full cancellation fee of one day will be charged. If cancelled within 24 hours, a 50% cancellation fee is automatically levied. If a confirmed booking is cancelled more than 24 hours before an event and other bookings were turned away due to this confirmed booking (as is often the case with popular locations), all effort will be made to re-book the location. However, if this is unsuccessful, a 50% cancellation fee will be levied. Please enquire when cancelling a confirmed booking as to whether a cancellation fee will be due.

  5. Weather bookings are accepted. If a shoot does not go ahead due to weather, your team is obligated to make use of the location on another day. If a confirmed booking is received for the same day as your weather booking, you are obligated to upgrade to a firm booking, or release the booking.

  6. Payment is due on the day of the shoot.

  7. A list of house rules will be provided to all the production companies at the beginning of the season. All houses will display copies of the rules in the house as well. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that the production managers are aware of the rules of the house that they are shooting in. Transgression of the rules will result in the levying of a R750 fee.

  8. Some of the locations were styled for the photos on the z-cards or web site. Gardens may change over time according to the owner's taste ad pieces of furniture are bought or sold. It is therefore strongly recommended that before booking a shoot, the client and photographer view the location. Where possible, you will be advised of changes. However, The Location Corporation cannot be held responsible if the location does not look exactly like the photos on the z-card or on the website.

  9. Options will only be accepted for a maximum of a 4 day stretch when only 1 shooting day is required.

  10. A note will be made of when a production company is requested to either confirm or release an option. If the shoot is more than 24 hours away, then a reply must be received within 24 hours. If the shoot is less than 24 hours away, then a reply must be received within 2 hours. If no reply is received within this time period, the option will automatically lapse.

  11. Under no circumstances are the owners of the house to be contacted directly by the production company or production manager.

  12. Production Companies are requested to ensure that the times that have been organised for their team's go-sees are kept. Should a team not be able to make an appointment or be late, they are kindly requested to inform the TLC offices.

  13. Production Companies are requested to impress upon the production manager the need to respect the fact that in most instances, these locations are peoples' private homes.

These rules will be evenly enforced in the interests of fairness to ALL Production Companies.